PIR Sensor Switch


  • Adjustable duration time from 1 min to 15 mins
  • Push button power switch by one button alternative
  • Single-pole wiring as normal switch
  • Compatible for most switch panels
  • Matched standard switch box
  • 600W for LED/CFL or incandescent lamps


Our PIR vancancy motion switches are designed to be compatible with single pole or three ways wiring application, Low/Medium/High sensitivity levels selectable and it can be program duration time as 1min./5 mins./15 mins. loading designed for up to 600W CFL/LED or incandescent or halogen bulbs or 1/6HP for motor equipments.

Motion Sensor Detecting Range



Horizental detecting range


Vertical detecting range

Setup Functions



Functional related parts


Setup Procedures

Sensitivity levels setting:

set to “High”(indicator Red), set to “Medium”(indicator Green), set to ”Low”(indicator Blue)

PIR Lux setting:

set to “High”(indicator Blue), set to “Medium”(indicator Green), set to ”Low”(indicator Red)

Duration Time setting:

set to “1 min”(indicator Red), set to “5 mins”(indicator Green), set to ”15 mins”(indicator Blue), set to Optical mode(yellow-Green)

Wiring Diagram



Single-pole wiring diagram


Switch-Box connection


Model Specification
A55316 LED PIR Senor Switch 600W 120V 60Hz