Dimmer Switch


  • Adjustable trim lever allows you to maximize the dimming performance
  • Rocker switch or push button power switch
  • Single-pole or 3-way switch in one
  • Compatible for most switch panels
  • Replaces standard single switch
  • High quality and long life linear slide dimmer
  • Low end adjustment to accommodate a wide range of bulbs


Our electronic dimmer switches are designed to be compatible with most dimmable CFL/LED, incandescent, and halogen bulbs. Comptible with single pole or 3-way applications. Designed for up to 200W for CFL/LED or 600W for incandescent and halogen bulbs

Single-pole / 3 Way Switch Wiring Diagram



Single-pole wiring


Three ways wiring

Adjustable Dimming Performance

Adjustable low end trim allows dimmer to accommodate a broad range of dimmable bulbs.

The built-in dial allows for adjusting dimming options for any bulb preference.

Additional Options Available

1. Variety of colors available to match your preference.

2. Customer engraving available for wallplate.

3. Wall plates sold separately.

4. Our wall plate designs are industry standard.

5. Dimmer with 4-way switch available upon request.




Rocker Switch Electronic Dimmer


Push Button Switch Digital Dimmer


Model Specification
A55312 LED Dimmer Large Paddle Switch 200W 120V 60Hz
A55331 Wall Plate Screwless Single-Gang White
A55313 Electronic Dimmer With Paddle Switch 200W 120V 60Hz
A55314 Digital Dimmer With Button Switch 200W 120V 60Hz