Security Sensor Light


  • 1700 Lumens bright LED light output
  • Modern Twin square lamp head design
  • 240° wide angle PIR motion activated sensor
  • Dusk to dawn mode power by internal CDS(photocell)
  • Adjustable sensor sensitivity up to 50 ft.
  • Adjustable time limit up to 10 minutes
  • Adjusting the head lamp does not require any tools
  • Designed for wall or eave mount
  • Ambient temperature range: -20°C(-4°F) ~ +40° C(104°F)

Security Light

Aecolux motion security light provides 1700 Lumens of light output and adds a sense of safety and security to any property. Motion sensor detection technology allows the convenience of touchless activation. The built-in CDS (photocell) technology allows for automatic illumination in dark environments.

Setup and installation

Function Setup

Test (Triggered by motion)

The light test mode will turn on for 5 seconds to make adjustments for distance detection. H (High), M (Medium), L (Low)

Timer (Triggered by CDS then by motion)

From dusk(<20Lux) to dawn(>30Lux), once motion is detected the light will be on depending on timer selected(1 MIN, 3 MIN or 10 MIN) in this mode. The sensing distance can be adjusted: H(High), M(medium) or L(low).

Dusk to dawn (Triggered by CDS)

Light will stay on from dusk(<20Lux) to dawn(>30Lux)



Model Specification Voltage Wattage Luminous CCT Body Color
A82131 LED Security Light 24W 1700lm 3000K Black 100~130VAC 24W 1700Lm 3000K Black
A82132 LED Security Light 24W 1700lm 5000K Black 100~130VAC 24W 1700Lm 5000K Black
A82134 LED Security Light 24W 1700lm 3000K White 100~130VAC 24W 1700Lm 3000K White
A82135 LED Security Light 24W 1700lm 5000K White 100~130VAC 24W 1700Lm 5000K White