Slim Ceiling Light Tri-color


  • Ultra Slim 5.5cm design
  • Tri-color 3000K / 4000K / 5000K pre-settable by installer
  • Energy saving mode pre-settable by dual wattage setup
  • Fully dimmable and suitable for both leading edge and trailing edge dimmers
  • Isolated integrated for constant current power supply
  • Chrome finished with frosted shade is suitable for any home, office, hallway, or stairwell
  • Integrated LEDs does not require a bulb


Our unique modern LED Flush Mount Light is the first of its kind. The integrated Tri-Color LED technology allows the flexibility of pre-setting the color temperature and brightness based on your desired preference.


  Slim Ceiling Light Tri-color Catalog V-1.0

Tri-Color Configuration

Aecolux Tri-Color LED Ceiling Light is designed for ease of use for any installer to simply pre-set the color temperature during installation. The built-in switch allows for three options: WW/CW/DL (3000k, 4000k, 5000k)

Energy Saving Mode Setup

Aecolux Energy Saving Power Mode switch can save up to 20% on electricity consumption.

Tri-Color Ceiling Light Construction

1. High quality chrome finish allows for low light loss opal diffuser

2. Isolated LED Driver provides a current power supply with an added safety protection for the end-user

3. Tri-Color lighting source technology allows for a low light decay

4. The LED extended lifespan is due to the high heat dissipation from the aluminum printed circuit board technology

5. Our metal gear tray design allows for improved heat sink transfer

6. Tri-Color setting is easy with our color configuration jumper switch


Model Specification Voltage Wattage Size CCT Luminous Dimmable
A17015 12" 16W Tri-Color LED Brushed Nickel Ring Flush Mount Ceiling Light 120VAC 17.17W 12" 3000/4000/5000K 1564Lm Yes
A17016 14" 22W Tri-Color LED Brushed Nickel Ring Flush Mount Ceiling Light 120VAC 22.71W 14" 3000/4000/5000K 2205Lm Yes
A17017 16" 26W Tri-Color LED Brushed Nickel Ring Flush Mount Ceiling Light 120VAC 27.16W 16" 3000/4000/5000K 2641Lm Yes