About us

Aecolux is a manufacturer that has over 20 years of experience in manufacturing and developing Electronics and lighting products, for the Australian and European Market. Since 2013 we have started to venturing to North America and other parts of global market, due to the rising awareness for green products in the industry.

We are here now, and we are ready to present our latest technology in lighting, and greed products to the world .


Our Expertise and Experience

For the past two decades we have been developing and manufacturing the latest lighting and electronics products for Australian and European market, we featured products like emergency lighting and exit sign, which are regulated by extreme high safety standards in European countries. Therefore, Aecolux are in the habit to build the longest lasting, safest products in the market, enable to win out in a competitive quality driven market. In addition, Designing and manufacturing a product that works well in the harsh Australian outback means it will work well in most environments around the world.


What make Aecolux so different from other companies in the market?

Aecolux start off as an ODM(Original design manufacturer) manufacturing for vast amount of lighting companies in Australia and Europe. What separate us from our competition is that we have the experience to make every penny count when it comes to designing and manufacturing products. Unlike most name brand, we were tested under a high quality standard bar with a limited budget on manufacturing end. Therefore, it results in our products being one of the most costs efficient in the market.


What benefits come with being green?

Now a day the green solution market has seen massive growth. Aecolux has the ability to offer our clients the best energy saving products in the market. Around the world there has been a growing trend that is the introductions of Carbon Tax, where you are taxed more if you consume more electricity, for Canadians government even give out benefits to the organization that are willing to be the pioneers of this green movement. However, government benefits aside, the energy saving products itself will return most replacement investment within the first year of instalment. Frankly, it just make sense to go green now day. And we just happen to be the best offer in the market.

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